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By Henry Stuart October 10, 2018

My book ‘Virtual Reality Marketing’ is now available for purchase from Amazon and direct from the publishers, Kogan Page. It’s my last 6 years in the VR industry condensed in to 224 pages of case studies, interviews, advice and technique.

The VR industry is going through another growth period, thanks to a new generation of headsets, a better understanding from the content creators on making comfortable, engaging, content and the parralel growth of the online 360 video industry.

Virtual Reality Marketing - Henry Stuart

As a result this book is more relevant to modern marketers and brands than when I started to write it in 2017. If you would like to pick up a copy then use this discount code: VRM20 and buy it from the publisher’s website.

I cover the history of VR, why VR is relevant today, the current landscape, the types of VR marketing, how to produce VR content, social VR marketing and look at the future of virtual reality marketing.

Here’s the full, official, description of the book:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then virtual reality (VR) is priceless. This new medium is booming – by 2025, the industry is expected to become bigger than TV. Virtual Reality Marketing is a comprehensive exploration of all things VR, providing readers with everything they need to know about the current VR landscape, and the unprecedented opportunity it offers brands to create unique emotional connections with consumers.

A truly comprehensive guide, Virtual Reality Marketing covers all aspects of the industry, including interactive and passive VR, 360 video, social VR marketing, and the role that influencers and bloggers are set to play in its development. It also looks to the future – exploring how VR is evolving and the changes it will undergo in the future. Virtual Reality Marketing is the only complete guide to VR marketing available, written by a recognized industry expert who has facilitated VR coverage for major international brands including Facebook, Audi, Google and Mercedes F1. Packed with fascinating case studies, tips and strategies, this text is the leading resource for any reader looking to incorporate VR in their own marketing campaigns.

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