Visualise is an Official 8th Wall Partner

By Henry Stuart February 13, 2023

We’re delighted to announce that Visualise is now an official 8th Wall partner!

8th Wall is the platform we build our web AR experiences on, it allows us to track the real world, placing digital elements seamlessly in to the environment. 8th Wall is all web-browser based – so you don’t need an apps, it will work straight away for anyone.

Harrods Web AR Experience

We have used 8th Wall in a large number of our projects, including Harrods, Van Cleef, IQOS and DACB.

8th Wall allows a number of advanced features to our AR experiences, including face tracking, image tracking, ‘world’ or SLAM tracking, sky replacement, and even geo-location based tracking. The last of these is in a large part due to their purchase by Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon Go – this technology is being ported in to the web technologies too.

We are building more and more experiences in Web AR, particularly as the technology has evolved so quickly over recent months. Get in touch with us if you would like to build your own Web AR experience.


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