3D Billboard – Piccadilly Lights

Depth and Parallax billboard for Piccadilly Lights

Working with Google Earth, Cinema 4D and Maya, we were able to create this ‘3D Billboard’ of our logo being assembled on Piccadilly Lights. We used 3d projection mapping to match the perspective of the footage we shot near Eros and built the environment around it. Watch the video below to see how we made it:

Visualise Work in Progress 3D Billboard

To get accurate ambient occlusion we shot 360 content on the META Three camera giving us high resolution 360 images for use as HDRI, giving us real life reflections and lighting.

Aerial View 3D Projection Mapping

The robot arms were animated in Maya, the logo animation was in C4D and Blender was used for the general environment.

Work in Progress 3D Billboard

These 3D billboards are basically optical illusions – they work beautifully from a limited position but don’t look as good from other angles. That being said, the result from the right place is stunning.