Barbour Modern Heritage Collection 360 Film

Barbour Immersive Look Book - 360 Video for Modern Heritage

Barbour Modern Heritage Shoot

Visualise have worked with Barbour to create an immersive experience that puts you at the heart of their new Modern Heritage collection. Shot on the stunning Belmont Royal Scotsman train as it gracefully moved through the highlands, this film lets you explore the collection whilst also enjoying one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world.

Jason and Jack with the Meta Camera

The experience was directed by Jason Glenister and shot by Jack Churchill and Henry Stuart. We worked closely with the team at Barbour to ensure we chose the best areas and looks for each part of the collection.

We shot the footage with our Meta One camera, allowing us to focus on the quality of the footage and access the huge dynamic ranges we needed to capture both a darker interior and a brighter exterior throughout the journey.

The shoot was completed in one day, with a recce and plan the previous day. It was planned with barbour for around 3 weeks prior to the shoot. Post-production took a total of 3 weeks on the footage.

The shoot was alongside a still photography shoot and was colour graded to match in look and feel. The content can be viewed in VR headsets, mobile phones and online through YouTube. We made alternative versions of the footage too, for use on social channels and even with voice overs to explain the collection to potential buyers.