Brooke – The Horses of Pakistan’s Brick Kilns

Conditions for people and animals are exceptionally harsh in Pakistan’s brick kilns.

As well as providing guidance and assistance to local vets in treating serious injuries and cases in brick kilns, Brooke works with equine owners and users to improve their husbandry practices and awareness of animal welfare. This story takes you in to the kiln and shows you the work Brooke are doing to improve conditions for equines.


Brooke 360 Video Charity

This project, produced with our partners The Progress Film Company, tells the story of Muhammad Waqas, his family and crucially of course, his horse. It shows the conditions they have to work in and explains the dangers to the horses and resulting pressures on their lives. Brooke is then introduced and their role in the kilns is explained in this stunning , dusty, ‘martian’ backdrop.

Brooke VR Camera Tech

Technically this entire project was shot in 8K, 3D, on the Kandao Obsidian R. This camera, teamed with one of the industry’s leading DOPs (Ignacio Ferrando Margelí) allowed for some of the stunning, sweeping vistas you can see. Ignacio ran cables across the Kiln and remotely operated the camera down the line, giving stunning, dynamic movement to the scenes.

Brooke 360 Video Filming

“Our aim with this film was to give viewers the chance to experience the Pakistani Brick Kilns first hand, whilst also telling a personal story of one family and their animals, working in some of the harshest conditions we've ever seen.

We achieved this by telling a documentary story based on interviews with the family and Brooke staff, while championing dynamic 360 filming techniques (designed by our DP Ignacio) using cables, handheld gyros and dollys give the piece a filmic feel.

We're incredibly proud of the film we've made - it places viewers right in the heart of the action and shows that a small amount of education can go a long way to support the welfare of animals and there owners in many parts of the world. ”

Matt Hopkins - VR Director

If you would like to learn more about the brilliant work that Brooke is doing for equines around the world, please visit their website.