DAC Beachcroft – Web AR Portal

DAC Beachcroft – Web AR Portal

DACB are a highly innovative law firm, they wanted to produce an experience that showed off these credentials. The brief was to find an arresting and innovative way to bring people in to the DACB story, we suggested using augmented reality (AR) portals. This means they can place a virtual doorway in their surroundings and then walk through it in to another world.

DACB What If

The content through the portal was all drawn with Tilt Brush by our amazing artist, Kayleigh Eliza. She created the aesthetic and world inline with the new DACB branding and under the stewardship of our Immersive Director, Jason Glenister.

The tilt brush world was ‘filmed’ with a virtual 360 camera path, to give a smooth glide through the story that would perfectly suit the voice over. Once through the portal it closes behind you, allowing you to explore the 360 story.

The final experience was built on 8th Wall’s AR platform, allowing us to track the portal door to the floor solidly. You can try it for yourself here.