Barbour Augmented Reality Portal

Based on the latest web technologies, Visualise allow you to walk in to the world of Barbour’s autumn/winter collection. Through your phone and web browser, without the need for an app, you can place a virtual doorway in to a train platform in the Highlands.


AR portals are a brilliant new technology that allow you to bring brand experiences or moments to the customer – allowing them to step in to your world from wherever they are. The phone recognises a flat surface such as the ground (slam tracking) and allows you to place the themed doorway there. After a few seconds the door will open and you can walk through!


The 360 video footage within the portal was shot by Visualise as part of an earlier campaign, you can find this case study here.

When you walk through an AR portal, it can be either in to a CG, realtime scene, with 3D graphics or in to a 360 video like this one.

AR portals can be made in WebAR, Social AR (e.g. Spark AR for Instagram) or directly in to dedicated apps. We have also built AR portals for BT Sport.