European Parliament Virtual Tour

Immersive 360 Video Tour of the European Parliament

Visualise was commissioned to create a series of immersive films for the European Parliament. Working with our in-house producer/director Tamer Akeil, we captured over 20 different scenes in Strasbourg and Brussels. Helping to plan, choreograph and bring to life these incredible facilities.

Link to European Parliament Virtual Tour.

In this 360° virtual tour of the Parliament you can discover the people and the buildings and find out how you can make your voice heard. Meet MEPs and gain a deeper understanding of their work at the heart of EU politics. Enjoy interactive surroundings, multimedia content and activities.

Henrik & Jason

It was both lovely and heartbreaking for a UK team to visit and work in the European Parliament, wishing we were still a part of it all. Nice they still called on us to create the content though!

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