Honda HR-V Virtual Showroom

Honda HR-V Immersive 360 Virtual Showroom

Working with H&K, Honda’s marketing agency, we produced this slick virtual showroom with a twist. The twist is that the car is shown half untouched and half used in real situations by real people! As you spin the car you reveal it’s other side. Click here or on the image below to view the full experience. Another twist is the ‘Ultra Zoom’ feature, this is an extreme zoom you can make at five different angles of the car, allowing you to view special features or even grains of sand!

HR-V Virtual Showroom 360

The car was shot at the brilliant Gun Hill studios where they have a built in turntable and a full, 240 degree cove. We shot the car at 5 degree increments, so 72 frames per rotation. We did a rotation with the doors closed and another with the doors opening. The car was shot on the new Sony A7 RIV. At key angles of the car we shot it as a ‘gigapixel’ so making a composite image made up of hundreds rather than a single shot. This allows you to make that ‘Ultra Zoom’ in to the car!

Shooting the HR-V at Gun Hill

Our photographer Ignacio Ferrando can be seen here at the desk, capturing frames of the car as it rotates. All of the art direction on the car had to be done before we started taking the shots – anything spotted during the shoot would be too late to change mid way through!

The web experience is built on a combination of ‘Object2VR’ and ‘KR-Pano’, along with advanced javascript libraries. It’s built to function in 15 different languages, each with their own individual customisations and excentricities.


Full Project Team

There are two main differences in this campaign to other interactive 360 virtual showrooms – the Ultra Zoom feature and the ‘used state’ of the car. We would like to thank H&K (Jay and Hannah) and Honda for being so brave and creative to show the car in this detail and honesty and to go down this route in the first place. We’re delighted with the result and hope you are too!