Kia EV6 Virtual Showroom – Inspiration Lab

PlayCanvas, Three dot js and webGL based Immersive Showroom for Kia

Working with Wasserman, Visualise have created an immersive, explorable showroom for the new Kia EV6 car. The experience lets you ‘walk’ around the car, clicking on a number of different hotspots and triggering features and information. Walking in to the breakout rooms lets you dig further in to the technology underpinning the EV6 and also the design thought behind it.

Kia Ev6 WebGl experience

The experience was built in a mixture of PlayCanvas and three.js. It works on mobile, desktop and tablet and is all under 10Mb in size, so heavily optimised for loading time and backwards compatibility on older devices. There are a huge amount of interactive features including ‘night mode’ where the environment darkens to accentuate the lights and lighting on the car.

Kia WebGL Environment

Working closely with the agency Wasserman, we built this brutalist architecture influenced showroom environment, to match the theme of the larger EV6 car launch. The environment was cleverly optimised to take repeating shapes and only load them once, but just reposition them, thus allowing for the loading of a single set of polys and textures rather than multiple.

Model Built from Cad

The car was so new that there was no ‘game ready’ asset to work from – rather we had to take the actual design files of the car, with every single nut and bolt present, and create optimised, web ready models for the experience. Not only was this hugely challenging, to reduce the asset’s detail but keep it looking the same, but it was also necessary for us to have highly stringent security measures in order to ensure the car model was not shared/stolen.

Kia Clay Model

The breakout rooms tell other stories of the car and launch further content through a series of interactive hotspots. This picture shows a clay model that was part of the design process for the EV6.

You can view the experience here on the Kia site. Drop us a line if you would like to discuss an immersive web project of your own.