Lumo Trains – Immersive Launch

Lumo Trains – Immersive Launch

Lumo is a brand-new train service, travelling on the East Coast of the UK between London & Edinburgh. They are a challenger brand, looking to shake up the way rail services are offered and operated and therefore wanted to add something a little different to their launch video.

Lumo Trains Immersive Launch

Lumo offers some unique features when compared with other services such as competitive pricing, a fully electric service, 51% plant-based menu, recycled ambassador clothing, a single class experience for all passengers (no first class) and much more. We shot a 360 film to tell some of these stories, giving government stakeholders and potential passengers an idea of what it’s like to travel with Lumo.

We shot the footage using our Meta 360 Video Camera Systems, both the Meta One and Meta Two cameras were used along with our remote control ‘Mantis’ dolly system. We were lucky enough to have a whole train to ourselves and travelled from Newcastle to London and back in a few smooth hours!

Lumo 360 Video Shoot Crew

The film, written and directed by Jason Glennister, tells the story of Micky, a frequent traveler who laments all of the things we often associate with our regular commutes and journeys. He then introduces us to Lumo, a refreshing alternative, and we join him for the ride. As Micky describes the various features of the service, a series of animated 3D pop-ups provide additional information and context.

If you’re looking to make a 360 video or VR film, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!