Meta – Queens of the Metaverse

Instagram and Facebook AR Filter for Meta's Queens of the Metaverse

Working directly for Meta we were tasked with the creation of an augmented reality filter to allow people to try on the outfits that were created for Meta’s live show ‘Queens of the Metaverse’.

This filter was built in Spark AR and worked on both Instagram and Facebook. You can choose between the three different outfits and also between a series of effects that can be applied to the outfits e.g. flames, disco ball lights, confeti and even the ability to upload your own textures to the filter.

You can try the filter yourself here.

Queens of the Metaverse AR Experience

The Queens of the Metaverse was dubbed by Meta as the ‘first ever mixed reality drag show‘. At the event itself iPads/tablets were held up to see the drag artists outfits being augmented with digital extenions and effects. These were also pulled through in to our mass participation filter.

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Scan the QR code to the left with your mobile phone to launch the experience.