Army Recruiting Reserves Using Virtual Reality

By Henry Stuart January 16, 2015

In a world first, the British Army has launched a new recruitment campaign which involves the virtual reality Samsung Gear VR (Powered by Oculus) headset so viewers can experience a “real-world scenario of volunteering”.

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The wraparound headset, being used for the first time at recruitment events in London’s Waterloo Station and Manchester today, will immerse members of the public into a live fire exercise with the Army Reserve on Salisbury Plain. This is the first time virtual reality has been used in recruitment.

As a crewman in a Challenger 2 tank, the wearer will be surrounded by other tanks that are engaging enemy positions using laser sights, as well as communicating with other soldiers in armoured vehicles driving alongside them.

Major General Chris Tickell, director-general of the Army recruiting and training division, said:

“By using the virtual headsets, people will be able to step straight into an exciting real-world scenario of volunteering with the Army Reserve and the huge variety of challenging roles there are to choose from.

“Introducing virtual reality technology is just one of the ways that the Army is transforming the way it recruits.”

Find out more about the British Army Recruitment VR Experience.

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Siddhant Sarthak says

IAM interested in knowing more about this concept. I Had a few questions pertaining to this.
1. Is it possible to simulate tank firing in virtual reality? If so,what is 'Visualise' doing about it.

2. A prototype training module based on a simulator platform where the gunner can be trained to fire using Virtual reality and Augmented reality.

3. Is there a prototype available for the same disclosed for public information?