VR Airport Advertising with JCDecaux

By Henry Stuart April 4, 2016

We’re delighted to announce the launch of ‘iExplore’, our latest VR experience for JCDecauxthe UK’s number one out-of-home advertising company. 

We produced four x 360 degree immersive and informative VR video experiences to bring to life the ‘world of possibility’ delivered by advertising at Heathrow Airport and the 201,000 people that pass through it daily, conveying the key benefits and opportunities. Hosted on an App we built, the experience can be viewed via Samsung Gear VR headsets and JCDecaux’s YouTube page.

This will be used by the JCDecaux Airport UK sales team to allow potential advertisers to experience the impressive effect of airport advertising themselves, from their own office, as an alternative to a physical tour of Heathrow Airport.

When entering the iExplore VR experience, viewers will be taken through the entire journey of a passenger, from Check-in, Departures and Arrivals to showcase the bespoke advertising offers available through the journey. Each advertising location is designed to cater to the different passenger mindsets at different points of the airport journey.

The experience, which uses binaural audio to direct viewer attention across the breadth of the location and dynamic voice over that responds to the direction the viewer is looking in, is the first of its kind for the airport advertising industry. It was shot using robotic and remote camera systems to give the viewer the sense of travelling through the environment and includes a 360-degree time-lapse in order to show the flow of footfall through the space.

Alan Sullivan, Managing Director of JCDecaux Airport UK, said: “We are delighted to have worked with Visualise to produce such an innovative, ‘media-owner-first’ virtual experience.

The airport is a unique environment with key advertising benefits that can be extremely difficult to showcase in real life due to time and security restrictions at the airport. We can now make it possible for potential advertisers to understand the benefits in an impressive and impactful way without having to leave their office!”  

Henry Stuart, Founder & CEO of Visualise added: “This project really showcases the power VR can have when it comes to marketing and advertising a project or service. We utilised a raft of technologies to deliver the experience required to really highlight the powerful message advertising in an airport can offer. We’re thrilled with the result and look forward to seeing the reaction.”

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