Introducing our Directors

By Henry Stuart March 16, 2018

There’s no doubt that it’s getting a lot easier to make VR nowadays. There are better cameras, better software and more skilled & experienced operators. Above all, however, you need great Directors. In my opinion, we’re clearly seeing now that good VR experiences are living or dying not from their technical production aspects, but on their creative merit.

We have recognised that the industry is at a point where experiences need to be led by great creative minds. As a result, we have started a roster of the best VR Directors out there, all of whom have created stunning, well thought through VR content.

We bring our Directors in early, from the pitch stage, so they help work up the initial ideas and creative decks, alongside our technical production team. Once the project is won, our directors work up storyboards, scripts and work closely in all aspects of the project from casting & art direction, through to the shoot itself and finally post production.

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