BT Virtual Reality with Scottish Rugby

BT Virtual Reality with Scottish Rugby

Working with Cake Group (Havas) we produced a VR experience that puts you in the middle of a Scottish Rugby training session in the run up to the Six Nations. Filmed at the Oriam elite training centre this project used some of the most cutting edge 360 video capture technology. For watching this back, we paired the headsets to haptic vests, allowing you to not just see but also feel the training, the results are stunning.

Watch the video below to see the reactions of the Scottish players and some of the content from the film.

Meta Two Camera Agito

Here’s the Meta Two prototype camera on the Motion Impossible Agito. This rig was able to keep up with and even outpace the Scottish players. The camera was fully stabilised, with an active gimbal and a large suspension arm to take up the bumps. With four wheel steering we were also able to negotiate some tricky manouvers.

Crucially on these projects you also need immersive audio, thanks to Henrik Opperman we are able to record the players and ambience to an unrivalled level. The resulting sound is then carefully positioned in post to recreate the exact experience of being there.