EE Live 5G AR Performance

EE Live 5G AR Performance

Working with Caviar and Saatchi & Saatchi, Visualise brought a Bastille gig to commuters around the country over EE’s 5G network. This was no ordinary gig though. It was overlaid, live, with stunning animations provided by ETC.

There were two main aspects to this project – the augmented reality overlay on the performance in front of you in Birmingham (over the pass through camera on the phone) and the streamed 360 footage of the gig to other locations with the AR layer over the top. In these ‘satellite’ locations people walked through EE augmented reality portals and in to the world of the performance.

The behind the scenes video below explains more detail about the project:

This project again saw us working with the Meta Camera. In this case it was the prototype Meta Two camera. We chose these as they had a smaller form factor than the Meta One and would therefore hide in the plinths better than the larger Meta Ones.

Meta Camera 360 AR Live Stream

Here’s a screen grab of the Meta Two from the TV ad. The microphone next to it is Henrik Oppermann’s Sennheiser Ambeo, used for capturing the immersive audio ambience.

Each camera was streaming over their two 4k HDMI outputs to our stitching workstations in the production hub. These then mixed in the AR layers and streamed out the stitched MR footage over EE’s 5G connection and around the country.

Sebastian Hagemeister Meta Camera

Sebastian Hagemeister from Krafted and Meta Camera ran our streaming operations from a technical perspective. Here he is checking the lenses are nice and shiny before rolling.

The cameras were controlled over ethernet and powered constantly over a two day period allowing us to test and refine the streams in advance of the band appearing on stage.