Selfridges ‘Digital Falls’

Selfridges Augmented Reality Artwork - 'Digital Falls'

Selfridges wanted to do something ground breaking – rather than installing physical art in the atrium, as with other campaigns, they wanted to create a completely virtual installation. Visualise worked with the digital artist Jon Emmony to take his stunning organic pieces in to the augmented reality environment of the iconic Selfridges atrium.

The artworks stretch from the 4th floor, all the way down to the cafe in the lower ground floor, where you can walk through the dangling tendrils of the lower piece, making it the world’s largest virtual artwork.

AR Occlusion Mapping

One of the biggest challenges of the app was that objects in the store needed to ‘occlude’ or obscure the artwork. This enhanced the feeling that the art really was in the space.

In order to accurately map the occlusion over the artwork, each floor was carefully scanned and an occlusion map overlaid each time the app launched. The map was anchored by the app recognising particular features of the inside of the store – not an easy task!

If you would like to try the app for yourself then head down to Selfridges on Oxford Street before the end of Sept 2019! Download the iOS app here and the Android app here.