Visit Belfast AR Portal

Immersive Doorways – Augmented Reality Portals for Visit Belfast

Visit Belfast came to us to help them bring a bit of Belfast to their international events. What better way than utilising the latest augmented reality technology, combined with 360 films, allowing people to physically walk in to the virtual world. Pretty ‘meta’ this hey! Watch the video embedded in the header above to see what we’re talking about!

Visitors use iPads to walk through immersive doorways and visit different parts of Belfast.

“Visualise did an outstanding job in helping us to bring Belfast to life in Augmented Reality. Both the quality of the AR experience and the team's dedication and commitment to the project were remarkable, and they went over and above the call of duty to see things through for us. I didn’t expect this level of commitment from new partners – but it says a lot about the culture and ethos of Visualise. Thank you for being an absolute joy to work with.”

Rachael McGuickin - Director of Business Development - Visit Belfast

Basically, the virtual doorways were tracked to the physical doors in the venue, meaning you see Belfast through the door from the outside and can actually walk through to be completely immersed in the content. iPad Pros were used thanks to their big screens and ability to use Apple’s AR Kit really well.

Between the door frames we had a green screen, allowing people to take photos of their friends in front of a number of Belfast backgrounds. This gave an element of the experience that could be easily shared on social platforms.

Green Screen AR Experience

Our sets were all built by the brilliant Blair Barnett, see her below in front of the setup at the launch!

Blair Barnett Set Designer