Capital WebAR Experience with Anne-Marie

Capital WebAR Experience with Anne-Marie

Working with Global, the Media and Entertainment group, home to the UK’s best-loved commercial radio brands and over 253,000 Outdoor media sites nationwide, we created a world’s first in WebAR. The campaign involves a billboard activated volumetric (3D) experience with singer-songwriter Anne-Marie and another experience where viewers can see the performance in their own home.

The two experiences were designed and produced by Visualise to promote the first in a series of intimate gigs to be hosted over the summer by Global’s hit music station, Capital in partnership with Barclaycard.

WebAR in Use

The first Outdoor experience is activated by scanning a QR code on one of approximately 1,000 Global billboards across the UK – to launch the WebAR experience. Once activated, the user is prompted to scan the billboard to start the experience. Anne-Marie then bursts through the poster with a shatter of glass. As she does so, the poster frame magically transforms into a stage where she delivers the news about her upcoming gig. The user is then prompted to enter a competition to win tickets to the show.

The second ‘At Home’ experience is activated by scanning a floor or table and placing a circle on the flat surface. Once activated, a void appears in the user’s environment and Anne-Marie pops up out onto a stage where she delivers her performance. At the end of the experience, the user is prompted to pop a series of 3balloons which appear in their environment to advance to the competition page.

Anne-Marie at Dimension Studio

Both experiences were created in-house by our team of developers and immersive content specialists. Anne-Maire’s volumetric performance was captured and processed by leading ‘digital human’ experts, Dimension Studio. The 3D, animation and other video effects were created by our VFX partners Silk Factory.

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