Octopus Energy Wind Turbine Impact VR

Octopus Energy Virtual Reality Wind Turbine Experience

Working directly for Octopus Energy, Visualise captured one of their wind turbines in a stunning rural setting in Wales. The purpose of the capture was to show people what it is really like to be near a wind turbine. The reality of how it looks and crucially – sounds.

Little Planet View of a Wind Turbine

The different perspectives were combined with ambisonic audio captures from the same moments. Once in a VR headset, people would be able to feel completely transported to the locations and to fully understand the potential impact to their own locality should there be a wind turbine.

Octopus Energy VR Event

Visualise also captured a scene from Alexandra Palace and worked with our VFX team to edit a wind turbine in to the shot. This would allow Octopus to show potential stakeholders how the turbine would look and feel if the project was given the go ahead.