TVR Augmented Reality Car Launch

TVR, the iconic British sports car brand, is launching an electric version of the much anticipated ‘Griffith’. As the car is not produced yet and production is yet to start on the new V8 variant, augmented reality was proposed as a way of letting people ‘visualise’ the new car. But why stop there? With such a rich seam of history, we took the opportunity to show people the Griffiths of the past too!

TVR AR App Screen Grab

The app was built using Unity and focussed on iPad Pro tablets. This meant we could use one of the strongest forms of tracking for the AR – Vuforia combined with ‘SLAM’ tracking. The marker was the TVR logo with some text above and below it – this allowed us to track the cars to the top of the plinth, even in the lowest of light.

TVR AR app in use

We built in two principle methods of control for the experience – either walk around the plinth to jump back or forwards in time or switch to accessibility mode and tap the arrows to change your vehicle. Whilst hovering on each car you can click ‘listen & explore’ and hear and see all of the features.