Generative AI Services

Generative AI Services

Creative Generative AI Services

Generative AI Services

Generative AI is massively changing the creative industry. It has given us tools to create illustrations, animations, videos, even to write copy or to code. We have started using a range of different AI tools for our own work and pitches, so we’re opening up this skillset for our clients too.

It’s breath-taking how many different AI engines are available, and the rate at which each of them is evolving. Each of the engines has it’s own unique ways of working, requiring different styles of prompts. We’ve had to learn them all so we can quickly pass on the benefits to you.

Below is a selection of the services we can offer through a variety of AI platforms. Please get in touch with any questions, we’re always happy to chat.

1972 Audi Allroad


Using Midjourney and other AI platforms we are able to create concept images and artworks that are totally photoreal. Whether it’s brand imagery or content to illustrate ideas on decks, our prompt designers can get something amazing in very little time.

Embroidery Style Generative AI


Getting abstract or art influenced illustrations out of AI has a knack to it. We can design prompts to get some of the most creative outputs as illustrations or totally abstract pictures.

This image shows how Stable Diffusion XL has been used to create an embroidered effect.

Prompt: captain america eating lettuce¬† with ’embroidery’ Lora (plugin)

Generative Video of Waves

Video Creation

We can create video shorts based on your creative needs currently up to 4s scenes but soon to be a lot longer. These can be exported and supplied as MP4 or Gif for presentations/websites.

Background Removal

Background Removal

Using AI we can remove backgrounds from videos without the use of green screens. This can save huge amounts of time that would usually be spent on frame by frame rotoscoping.

Body Swapping AI

Character Replacement

AI can be used to track people in content, ultimately allowing their removal/masking and replacement with other rigged characters. There’s a number of systems that are in Beta for this kind of thing, including and Wonder Labs. What would have been days of work is now hours.

QR Codes Generated in Stable Diffusion

QR Code Generation

We can create beautiful QR codes that look like artworks but still work. We can base the codes of existing images or locations. There is a 20% redundancy in QR codes which allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible but shorter URLs are advised!

Johnny Depp Caricature

Caricature Generation

Based on uploaded photos or photos captured by users as selfies, we can build systems with pre-made prompts or pre-trained AI systems that allow for a certain ‘look’ to be achieved.

Prompt: 3D cinematic film.(Johnny Depp:1.9) 70 years old (caricature:0.2). bokeh, professional, 4k, highly detailed <lora:SamaritanEsdxl:0.45> <lora:william_eggeston:0.55> <lora:filmicVibesXL_v1.1:0.25> <lora:Josef_Koudelka:0.2> clear eye color. skin imperfections.

For any generative AI enquiries, just drop us a line or pick up the phone.

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