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Metaverse Consultation

The Metaverse is a very hard term and idea to define, it’s a way of describing another world we can be part of, interact with other people in, work in, play in, even some day live in! Metaverse is even used as an umbrella term to describe immersive technologies – virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality etc.

There is a great opportunity right now for brands to establish a foothold in the Metaverse, the rules are being established, the way we interact and think of it is still being moulded, so it is a perfect time to start this journey.


We can help brands and agencies be part of the Metaverse, whether that’s by creating a virtual space on an existing platform like Engage or by creating a standalone virtual space for access on mobile/desktop and VR headset through a website. Crucially for us, we define the metaverse as something social, whether you access it with a VR headset or a mobile, there should be other people there to interact with.

For a bit of backstory/context, check out our post ‘What is the Metaverse?‘ where you’ll find what the Metaverse is now and what it aims to be in the future.

For now though, there are a number of ways you can join the Metaverse, you just need to ‘choose which Metaverse’ and how you want to access it. Sadly there is not one unified Metaverse yet, but a lot of experiments and pockets that can justifyably be called part of the ‘Metaverse’.

Metaverse Fashion

A screen grab from Metaverse Fashion Week, based on Decentraland

Visualise have years of experience creating immersive environments and building content for VR, MR, AR and just plain old desktops and mobiles. What this means is that we understand the unique challenges associated with creating content for this medium, along with a deep understanding of the technologies and platforms at play.

We can help you choose and build your Metaverse experience based on either the existing platforms out there or on a totally custom build for a given project. Also, if you’re just looking for immersive/interactive environments that are not necessarily social, then check out some of our WebGL Immersive Experiences. Below are a few of the platforms that we can build unique environments for and help you through your journey in to the Metaverse!

Engage VR

Engage is one of the ‘older’ players in the market, they first made a mark on the scene at the beginning of covid when HTC took their Vive developer conference completely in to the Metaverse and did it all virtually. Focussed B2B and highly customisable, Engage also allows for people to access the experience on mobile and desktop as well as through VR headsets.

Decentraland in the Metaverse

Decentraland was really put on the map by ‘Metaverse Fashion Week‘ in March 2022. It’s got a great set of tools to create and edit your world and experience, from the basic to a fully featured SDK, allowing for top levels of customisation. It’s got regular visitors and lots of events on a near daily basis.

VR Chat

VR Chat is probably the biggest and best known of the platforms. It has regular events scheduled including open mic nights, group fitness and more. One of the best features of VR Chat is that ‘worlds’ can be fully developed using Unity, which makes it a good fit for our studio.

Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta’s (Facebook’s) Horizon World’s is their version of the Metaverse, it’s still in it’s first few iterations and people can now make their own worlds so we expect to see it growing. It’s not at all B2B focussed though, so you’d need to use their own basic tools to make an environment for your brand, that may change though so we’re keeping an eye on it!

Igor in the Metaverse

Above and beyond the ‘off the shelf’ platforms there are of course custom builds we can make, from private virtual shared spaces to immersive edit suites or conferences. Get in touch on the link below to discuss!

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