Facebook Tagged GigaPixel Panoramas

We produce huge GigaPixel panoramic images of crowds at sports games and events. Users can zoom in to the images and spot themselves in the crowd – they can then tag themselves on Facebook and choose their team or country. These tags then appear on their Facebook wall and their friend’s timelines, their friends will see the shot, tag themselves and share it. If they were not there they can tag players to show their allegiance. In this way the image is shared quickly online and can give huge brand exposure long after the event.

Facebook and now Twitter tagging

Fans can now tag themselves with twitter – meaning their tag will appear as a tweet from them, with a link through to their position in the image. Reaching more potential fans and furthering the exposure of your brand.

Data Capture

Permission by fans to access and use their Facebook data can be granted giving you the ability to keep contact with anyone who tags themselves. We can also custom build data capture forms so that users have to consent to sharing their information with you before tagging – as done for Chelsea FC during their American Tour (here).

Sub 24hr Online Time

Thanks to our incredible new computer ‘The Beast’ we can offer sub 24hr online times for our images, meaning they are ready and relevant right after your event. The techniques and technology for doing this so quickly were honed during our time shooting GigaPixels at London 2012.

Online Brand Exposure

GigaPixel images of events are a great opportunity to get massive brand exposure – each share of a picture is seen by that user’s friends on their timeline – encouraging them to interact and tag themselves or share the image. Your logo and specific brand guide lines can be used to build and interface that will seamlessly integrate to your website or Facebook page.


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