Virtual Reality

Create Magic.

Virtual reality is a new medium. The first for over a generation. It’s a medium that transports you, to real or imagined places. It’s a medium that allows you to connect to people, characters or places on an emotional level. It is also totally unique in it’s ability to inspire and create a sense of magic.

The VR opportunity

The ability to immerse someone in to another world, real or imagined, is the ultimate form of marketing. True immersion in the brand. Whether on stage with a band, walking the streets of Dublin in a piece of VR narrative or court side at Wimbledon. VR transports you and good VR gets remembered, talked about and shared.

Growth opportunity through VR.

VR hit 50 million users in 2016 and is set to be a $30,000,000,000 industry by 2020. To put this is perspective, this means that it will be bigger than TV by 2025.

The number of headsets out there may be relatively low now but the prevalence of 360 video platforms like YouTube and Facebook 360 mean eyes on content is high.

Endless possibilities across industries.

With Facebook, Google and Microsoft investing billions and VR technology becoming more affordable all the time, we can safely say that VR is no longer a fad. It is here to stay and will have profound effects on how we work, learn, explore and play. Consequently, it is fast becoming a transformational innovation for every industry from travel to music, sport to automotive and AEC.