Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Officially virtual reality or VR is a computer-generated environment that allows you to interact and explore an alternative world to your own.

Typically these virtual environments are experienced by wearing a VR headset and using optional hand-held tracking controllers.

This is a highly competitive market with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Playstation VR and Google Daydream all vying for leadership.

Industries embracing VR

With Facebook, Google and Microsoft investing billions and VR technology becoming more affordable all the time, we can safely say that VR is no longer a fad. It is here to stay and will have profound effects on how we work, learn, explore and play. Consequently, it is fast becoming a transformational innovation for every industry from travel to music, sport to automotive and AEC. Be seen as an innovator in yours.



Virtual Reality for Marketing

For marketing the core value of VR lies in its ability to transport audiences, letting them experiencing any part of the brand, product or service desired.

There are no barriers in VR, issues such as scale, geography or logistical complexities dissolve. By removing these constraints, the opportunity to grow your audience across new channels and create lasting connections is immense.

VR is the ultimate ‘access all areas’ ticket, opening up new markets and opportunities to forge deep and lasting emotional connections with customers.

By understanding and capturing the parts of a brands narrative that work best in VR, and deploying that content at the key inflection points across a customer’s online journey, staggering results await.

VR vs 360° video?

The debate rages on whether 360° video content should be called VR. This divide tends to boil down to the dictionary definition of VR being CG and interactive whereas currently most 360° videos are passive, live action experiences.

At Visualise we are not limited by those terms and produce both live action VR and interactive VR content for clients ranging from architects to travel to sports brands.

Putting a VR headset on and being transported to a far flung destination or finding yourself backstage with your favourite band can be an incredibly captivating experience, where ‘presence’ the holy grail of VR is achieved.

The past 12 months has seen 360° video explode in popularity helped along by Facebook and YouTube supporting immersive content with brands taking advantage of reaching new audiences with short-form content and ads.

This growth has allowed campaigns to be launched across multiple VR platforms, from VR headsets at event activations through to desktop and mobile lead experiences where you can take your engagement levels from thousands to millions.

Providing the idea is well thought out, the content great, audience engaged and that sense of presence achieved 360° video has earned it’s right to be called virtual reality.



Our Approach to Virtual Reality

VISUALISE are an end to end VR production studio. Starting from the initial ideas, through production and app development, we know VR inside out. We work with our in-house team or a number of close partners to produce stunning 360 °video, CG, and gaming VR environments. Our mission is to craft meaningful realities.

The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is going to dramatically change every industry and reshape the way we learn, play, explore and work.

VR will transform the way we experience and engage in the world, from films, games, adverts, right through to retail, education and social media, we predict VR will influence many aspects of our daily lives.

Soon you will be able to put on a headset allowing you to go anywhere, experience anything, communicate with anyone, buy from anywhere without ever having to leave your home.*

This is why Facebook bought Oculus, the first VR hardware manufacturer for $2 Billion.

*we don’t recommend this.



Partner with the right VR production studio

Creating compelling and high quality VR is not straightforward. It has taken the Visualise team years of experimentation and over 80 live-action VR experiences to understand exactly how to make immersive content that is comfortable, engaging and meaningful.

We are working in a new medium of creative communications where the traditional rules for film, TV or interactive digital productions don’t apply.

VR productions require a different conceptual approach with a whole new skill set. Visualise is one of the few VR studios in the world with the right balance of technical and creative experience to help you deliver compelling and successful campaigns.

Find out more about our VR production services here.

Beyond the VR headset

Immersive content does not have to be viewed on a a VR headset, it works brilliantly on tablet and mobile too, by using gyroscope and accelerometers to allow for natural navigation.

VR apps is another brilliant way to host your content in one place that again can give your audience the opportunity to experience it immersively via a VR headset or by swiping your phone screen and moving it around.