VR apps

VR apps

Creating dedicated viewer experiences through VR apps

VR apps

We build multi-platform VR Apps for Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS, Android, web players and more. Our 360° content also works beautifully on tablet and mobile devices, making it easily accessible to a wide audience. We have produced VR apps for clients including the Economist, Thomas Cook, IHG and Mercedes.

VR Apps play an important role in the delivery of your VR content strategy, allowing full control over your immersive content, whether it is entirely owned or curated.


vr studio visualise created a vr activation at Westfield Stratford

At Visualise, we work with clients to design and build custom VR applications that show the content in the best possible light, at its optimal resolutions and quality. This allows for true binaural sound, optimised graphics and dedicated menus – a far better experience than finding a link to a 360 video on YouTube.

We have developed our own SDKs and plugins, which enable access to content across multiple platforms. These include:

  • HTML5 Based Web Player with full iOS and Android compatibility.
  • UI/UX design for VR. Fully navigable menu systems, intuitive interactions.
  • Built-in Google Cardboard support for iOS and Android.
  • GearVR and Oculus Rift applications built for activations.


This is a screen grab of our Economist VR app, designed with our partners Kickpush and built in-house at Visualise.

Through VR Apps and live streaming, your brand can explore new and innovative revenue streams through sporting events, films, concerts, games, destinations and other moments that matter to you and your audience.

Apps we’ve created include:

  • Exhibition use 360 video apps for Oakley Prizm and The British Army for Recruitment
  • Brand VR Platforms for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and The Economist which was rated by the Guardian as one of the 10 best apps in VR.
  • ‘4D’ VR Apps for an interactive Audi driving experience, DNA Ski and Norwegian Airlines
  • VR training Apps for Deloitte
  • Interactive games for use on HTC Vive and Oculus.

Having built the entire VR platform for the Economist (amongst others) we have built up a great resource in creating apps for VR. The apps we have built have been for Google Cardboard, Oculus (for Gear VR) and Google’s Daydream Platform. There are a huge number of hurdles to jump in getting VR content looking it’s best and working reliably on these platforms. The best testament to this though is in the work itself, please view the Economist VR Apps for Android, Apple and Oculus respectively.

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